Our Services

The service portfolio of Antipollution consists of a comprehensive set of Emergency Response Services that enable its clients to make the correct decisions on the best course of action with confidence, quickly and safely, reducing the risks and impact of a casualty:

Oil Spill Response

Antipollution provides active, 24/7 response services to combat oil spills, wherever in the world they may occur. Our oil spill response experts are highly trained and familiar with all the stages of waste management, while our vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art oil containment and recovery equipment to protect marine environment efficiently.

Destroyed / Distressed Cargo Management

Our company provides on-site distressed cargo management support for vessel cargoes that are partially or totally damaged, corrupted, contaminated or abandoned. We undertake the assessment plan, recovery, collection, transportation and disposal of cargo, in close cooperation with all parties involved and in full compliance with European and national legislation.

Wreck Removal Waste Management

We have an excellent team with great experience in handling and management of hazardous materials on-board and a cutting edge equipment to undertake the most complex environmental protection services during salvage operations worldwide. Our company has been involved in major projects, ensuring proper management and minimal damage to environmental resources.

Sea Surface Cleaning

Our modern vessels are equipped with a special hydraulic mechanism for the collection of floating waste. Their draught is particularly shallow, so they can perform work even in shallow waters and can access the most difficult areas and clean all types of waste from the sea surface, such as wood, plastic and algae.